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Condition: Excellent
Published by: Christopher Vine
Author: Christopher Vine

Peter's Railway Now and Then

A cab ride in a modern diesel and a story from the old days.
Introduction page from the book:
The little steam railway runs across fields and links Peter and Grandpa’s houses.
The locomotive, Fiery Fox, is a wonderful machine. Bright green and very powerful, it can pull heavy trains along the line at high speed.  Many visitors to the railway have admired her and enjoyed their day out, but one visitor has a particularly good way to say ‘Thank you.’
Recently Chris read a true story about a hair-raising night goods train, nearly a hundred years ago. Soon after, he was offered a cab ride in a modern freight locomotive. The differences inspired this book.
Age range 6 to 12 years.
Paperback, 32 pages with 12 watercolour pictures.


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