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Published by: Christopher Vine
Author: Christopher Vine

Little Peter's Railway Surprise Goods

A bed-time story with a twist.
A Secret goods train keeps breaking down and has to be rescued. There’s a funny ending when the children find out what is in the trucks…
Age range 3 to 6 years.
Paperback, 32 pages with 12 watercolour pictures.
Introduction page from the book:
Peter and his Grandpa have built an amazing miniature steam railway between their houses; Woodland Cottage and Crossacres Farm. The line even runs to Yockletts Village where Peter goes to school.
The locomotive, Fiery Fox, is a wonderful machine. Bright green and very powerful. Grandpa and Peter have spent countless happy hours building the railway and their other projects. They have had any adventures along the way.
Peter’s little sister and brother, Kitty and Harry, are now getting old enough to enjoy the railway too. This is a story about them.