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Author: John Hooper

British Railways - The First Two Decades: No. 1

This series of albums aims to look at numerous aspects of British Railways during those first crucial two decades when post-war maintenance tried to catch-up following the neglect of the years of austerity. Modernisation was seen as the key to securing the customer base be it freight or passengers. Whilst bringing about the modernisation, the system had to carry on working but there is only so much an organisation as big as BR could physically bring about at any one time! Budgets metered out by Governments who were less than sympathetic to the cause became tighter as expenditure rose. Basically it was a recipe for disaster because not all of the important 'players' wanted the nationalised organisation to succeed and so BR plodded-on into a third decade much the way it had entered the fray initially.

The images presented in this series of albums will illustrate many aspects of the railway system we came to know besides the new of which we were mainly unsure and the captions will put various 'slants' on the subject in a way that will be informative.

Softback, 72 pages, circa 70 photographs



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