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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 0 9540 7264 3
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: 280 mm x 224 mm
Published by: Industrial Locomotive Society
Author: Vic Bradley and Philip Ashforth

Vertical Boiler Locomotives and Railmotors Built in Great Britain Volume 2

This is a companion volume to the book by Rowland Abbott published by The Oakwood Press in 1989.
This new volume brings the original book up to date and includes much new information gathered from original historical research. Whilst much of the book provides revised and expanded data about the principal builders there is of course also discussion of many of the more obscure builders.
Amongst the larger builders covered is Atkinson Walker and their locos are fully discussed with many new illustrations. The histories of the locos built by Alexander Chaplin have been expanded upon as have those built by DeWinton. For the section on Sentinel there is a new construction list.
The book consists of 296 pages with 284 photographs and 8 other illustrations and includes two eight page sections of colour photographs. Many of the photos have not previously been published. It is to a larger format than the original book to enable the photographs to be shown to their best advantage. The book has been printed by The Amadeus Press.