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Dimensions: Hardcover. 282mm x 216mm
Published on: 30th May 2016
Author: J Hodge

Railways and Industry in the Western Valley- Newport to Aberbeeg

This is the first in a new series on the South Wales Valleys by John Hodge, author of the South Wales Main Line series and North and West series, each of four volumes. The South Wales Valleys were famous for coal mining, iron and steel, tinplate works and the railways that served both industries, between them accounting for a very high percentage of employment in the area. This book relates the history of the early years of each industry and follows this through the railway steam and diesel age to the present day. Individual sections are presented on each main railway activity, accounts of each location along the route with sections on the railway layout, collieries and other industrial concerns, all illustrated by an abundant supply of photographs of the railway steam and diesel era, with accounts of the many collieries from the early years of the nineteenth century, to the end of coal mining in the Western Valley in 1989.