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Cascade Snow Fighters

Winter storms blowing in from the Pacific Ocean bring heavy snow to the Cascade Mountains of western Oregon. The former Southern Pacific's Cascade Subdivision winds through this steep mountain pass and when the snow flies the Union Pacific calls out an elite team of snow fighters to keep the main line open.

This is your front row seat to UP's winter operations on "The Hill" between Oakridge and Crescent Lake. Ride aboard flangers plowing in some of the most remote portions of the line. See the classic Jordan Spreader number SPMW 4033 in action as crews work through harsh winter conditions to clear snow from the right of way.
Experience what it is like to ride powerful diesel locomotives through tunnels and snow sheds while plowing the main. Shot in stunning hi-definition video with superb digital stereo sound, you'll swear these snow fighting machines are rolling right through your living room!
Shot between 2004 and 2013.

Widescreen, 65 minutes.


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