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Dimensions: Softcover, 280mm x 218mm
Author: Alex Schust and Mason Cooper

Clinch Valley : N & W District Line

This books covers the Clinch Valley District mile by mile. The book is developed around the 1916 Resurvey, the 1916 N&W Industrial Guide, and 1917 ICC Valuation of the Clinch Valley main line and each of its major branch lines � Big Creek, Town Hill Creek, Coal Creek, Honaker, Russell Creek, Little Tom, Marion, and Big Toms Creek. The 1916 Resurvey included details on 43 different Clinch Valley spurs and branches. The purchase and operation of both the Lewis Creek and Dumps Creek Branches are also included. Details on the construction of the District Line are taken from the original 1886-1892 construction ledgers.
The approximate 200 pages of �Clinch Valley: Norfolk & Western District Line� uses over 80 photographs, 175 drawings and 40 maps to illustrate and guide the reader through the history of the railroad. Many of the drawings are taken from the 1916 Resurvey Field Notebooks and the 1917 ICC Valuation notebooks.