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The Joint Line

The Joint Line is an action-filled stretch of contemporary main line with a colourful past. Two fiercely competitive railroads, the Denver & Rio Grand and the Santa Fe, built parallel tracks between Denver and Pueblo, Colorado in the mid 1880s. However, the competition came to a halt during World War I when the US Government forced 'joint' operations between the two railroads.

In the mid 1990s, which this production was filmed, the Joint Line supported the Southern Pacific (including the Denver & Rio Grande Western), the Santa Fe, and the Burlington Northern. Coal, freight, and passenger trains utilized this heavily travelled right of way. You�ll see dozens of leased and run-through locomotives, pusher engines shoving hard against long coal drags, and some of the newer diesels, such as BN�s SD70MACs. Old black and white photos showing steam and early diesel engines in this area add an interesting comparison of the present and the past.

Produced over four years, this presentation treats you to the splendour of the different seasons in Colorado�s gorgeous terrain, highlighted by spectacular snow scenes. You�ll visit many of the popular locations along the line: Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, South Denver, and other scenic spots. Heavy freights, nonstop action, varied motive power, and breathtaking scenery make The Joint Line a DVD you won�t want to miss!

Running time 85 minutes, Narration.


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