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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 0 9561 2732 7
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Published by: Scalefour Society
Author: John A Smith

A Modellers Guide to Civil Engineering Structures

An E-Book on CD

Written by a retired civil engineer, this e-book addresses the basics of the structures that are encountered on British railways and through diagrams and photographs illustrates the design considerations and construction of cuttings and embankments, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, as well as other associated items. Bonus files are included that feature both prototype and model photographs by the well-known modellers Richard Chown and Mark Tatlow. Together, this gives an invaluable work of reference that will enable readers to understand and build more authentic models of the environment around the trains and track.

As a first for the Society, it has been produced as an e-book on a CD that is compatible with both Windows and Apple systems. It is simple to use and allows access to a wide range of exceptionally useful information for the modeller working in any scale, gauge or period.