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In Stock ISBN: 978 1 9093 2823 5
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softcover, 270mm x 210mm
Published by: Noodle Books
Published on: 23rd November 2013
Author: John C Morgan

Scenes around the Southern

SCENES AROUND THE SOUTHERN is a bargain price 64 page colour album intended to stir memories of both steam and electric in the early 1960s. Using material from the camera of retired railwayman John C Morgan, we are taken on a circular jounrey including such locations as Waterloo, Clapham Junction. Basingstoke, Salisbury, and along parts of the Brighton line featuring the machines and units that were commonplace a generation or more ago. Famous trains are not forgotten either with features on the 'Bournemouth Belle' and 'Brighton Belle'.


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