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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 0 0000 2002
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softcover, 297mm x 210mm
Published by: The 2mm Scale Association


How it works and how to model it

The prototype chapter covers bullhead and flatbottomed rail, different sleeper materials arrangements and chair types. Plus sections on point and signal rodding and buffer stops.

The modelling sections covers all the main track systems available from the Association and other suppliers, with practical guidance on use of jigs, plus construction of low cost jigs and tools which will provide accuracy and speed the building of trackwork. Also covered are operating the turnout, representing point rodding and how to build a variety of buffer stops.

Though the book has a lot of "2mm" content, the majority of tools, jigs and techniques are applicable to work in other scales. The prototype information applies regardless of scale, as do the observations on painting and weathering of models.