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In Stock ISBN: 071 1 0281 92
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Hardcover, 240 x 180 x 14 mm
Published by: Ian Allan
Published on: 15th December 2001
Author: Hinton J Sheryn

An Illustrated History of Road Tankers

There are few more familiar sights on the roads of Britain than the road tanker, carrying a wide range of goods from milk to oil.Whilst the range of products carried has expanded rapidly over the years, the basic concept of the tanker was one of the earliest form of specialised transport to be developed.From the earliest days many materials required careful shipment if a volatile mix of chemicals and air was to be avoided and a sealed tank provided the answer.In this book the author examines the development of the tanker from the earliest days and looks at the wide range of products carried.The book is an essential guide for all those interested in the history of commercial vehicles as well as those involved in thepreservation or modelling of road tankers.
Hardcover, 128 pages, 277 b/w illustrations.

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