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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 1 7850 0205 2
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: 246 mm x 190 mm
Published by: The Crowood Press Ltd
Author: George Dent

Building Coaches

A Complete Guide for Railway Modellers

Provides important advice on choosing the right tools, materials and adhesives.
Covers kit building in metal, plastic, resin and wood.
Presents many ideas for detailing, modifying and converting ready-to run and kit-built coaches.
Includes essential step-by-step guides to soldering, weathering, painting and lining.
Considers how to get the best from 3-D printed kits and components.
Shows the modeller how to produce fully appointed, illuminated interiors to suit any period.
Demonstrates how to improve carriage couplings and how to create authentic working gangways.
Explains how to build coaches and parts from scratch, including the creation of resin castings.

Card cover, 253 pages